File Organizer           store, save and transfer your Documents 


In these days we see a lot of IOS Apps on the Mac, which is great.

As I got my iPad the Finder was the Application I missed the most.  So I made this App.

It is easy to use.  You can download files for offline use,  structure them in Directories and browse or view them. You can

-  drag and drop the Files to a new Location

-  transfer them to any other Computer with WebDAV 

-  exchange and save files from your Dropbox.

The App comes with some very short Documentation movies, most of you will probably not need them.

If you missing something this is just a start. I will add more functions.

Feel free to tell me what you want. 

You can use any WEBDAV Server there is.

For configuring your Mac with WEBDAV  i found this article helpful

WebDAV on Mac